Paying for Treatment

At JourneyPure Serenity Network, we want to take the stress out of paying for treatment. Our number one priority is to see that you or your loved one get healthy and stay healthy. Our knowledgeable admissions staff is ready to help you navigate several options for paying for treatment, which include insurance, self-pay and healthcare prosper loan.

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Who We Help

Addiction does not discriminate and neither do we. Through residential, intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs, JourneyPure Serenity Network provides optimal care for men and women struggling various forms of substance abuse. We are known in the community as a safe haven for pregnant mothers and new mothers struggling with addiction. We have partnered with the University of Knoxville to provide specialized services to this underserved population. We understand the unique care needed for the mother and unborn baby and we also know addiction is only one part of the challenge. That is why our women’s center, delivers trauma-informed care and gender-specific therapies that support the dual diagnosis model.

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How We Help

JourneyPure Serenity Network provides integrated, evidence-based treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues. Under a dual diagnosis model, a multi-disciplinary team comprised of a primary physician and psychiatrist work in tandem to address the addiction and any mental health disorders that exist such as depression, anxiety, PTSD or bi-polar disorder. We have onsite, medically-assisted detox to safely rid the body of harmful substances. Then, by participating in individual, group, and experiential therapies and other treatment modalities, our addiction therapists help provide the tools necessary to cope with life challenges, repair broken relationships, and discover the person you were meant to be before the addiction took hold.

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The staff at JourneyPure Serenity Network is ready to assist you or a loved one in your battle with addiction.

We understand the fear and anxiety one faces and how isolating it can all feel. We are here for you when you are ready to make that call. Our admissions team will help you navigate the process so you can get the help you need, quickly and without complication. Call today.

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