Addiction is known for taking a huge toll not only on your physical, mental and emotional health, but financially as well. Investing in your treatment and recovery is a big decision, but one that is likely to save your life; making it a worthwhile expense.

Whether you are self-insured, un-insured, or simply choosing to advocate for your own care outside the level that your insurance policy is willing to provide, we are happy to discuss what a self-pay option may look like for you.

Cost Determination

Different levels of care come at different costs, and determining the number of days at each level of care that fit your patient goals will allow the admissions team to give you a cost determination.

We’re Ready to Help

At JourneyPure Serenity Network, there are no hidden fees, and we feel that having the financial conversation up front is the best way to allow our patients and families to leave the financial worry at the door when they arrive.

Will your insurance pay for treatment?

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