If you are watching a loved one fall deeper and deeper into an addiction but they are in denial or they refuse to admit they have a problem, an intervention might be needed to get them the help they need. Our admissions team can recommend a professional from our network, which is highly recommended if they are harming themselves, have severe mental health problems or are suicidal. If you believe you can gather a group of caring friends and family members and conduct an intervention, here are some tips:

Research and Make a Plan

Making a plan is first and foremost – you could worsen the situation with a halfway organized approach. Research the substance(s) they are abusing and treatment programs that would be a good option. Have these ready to present. Then decide who will be part of the team and schedule a rehearsal. You’ll want to be consistent with your message to keep the intervention focused and moving in a positive direction.

Develop a Script

This will be each person’s opportunity to express how this person’s addiction has affected them. Each person should take notes or script what they will say as to stay on track and minimize confrontation.

Set Forth Consequences – And Stick to Them

If the loved one refuses treatment, this will come with consequences from each intervention team member. For instance, this person may no longer be welcome in their home or around their children.

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