We believe the most crucial phase in treatment is the continuing care plan. Through our proprietary JouneyPure Coaching™ app, patients receive a free, interactive, digital care plan accessible on any phone or tablet. Success metrics are measured in real time and monitored daily by an assigned recovery coach and a recovery support team, which includes family, friends and other outside support systems approved by the patient.

Recovery Coaching and Monitoring

At JourneyPure Serenity Network, incorporates a total health and wellness plan into every patient’s recovery plan. Restoring health after prolonged exposure to drugs and alcohol requires a renewed focus on three pillars of health: sleep, nutrition and exercise. Prior to discharge, an on-site recovery coach helps tailor an individualized recovery program which is loaded into the JourneyPure Coaching™ app. This recovery coach is available for weekly check-ins as an additional support system for the patient.

JourneyPure Coaching™ Features

  • 24/7 accountability
  • Daily nutrition log and recovery tasks
  • HIPPA compliant secure messaging
  • Collaborative care management with local health care providers
  • Connection to Alumni events and activities

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