Co-occurring disorders is a term used to describe when someone with a substance use disorder is also suffering from a mental health issue like depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder or PTSD. It is also referred to as a dual diagnosis. More and more addiction treatment centers across the country are operating under the Dual Diagnosis Treatment Model, providing integrated services to address both the addiction and mental health disorder simultaneously. Research shows when one end of the spectrum is stabilized but the other is not, there is an imbalance that could lead more quickly to relapse.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders in East Tennessee

JourneyPure Serenity Network specializes in the treatment of co-occurring disorders. We provide integrated, evidenced-based therapies that stabilize mental health and provide the tools to control the urge to use. Our mission is for our patients to get healthy and stay healthy. Our highly-trained staff provides trauma-informed care in a caring, supportive environment. We also know that drug abuse has taken a toll on the body and the overall physical health of an addict is poor. Improving overall health is a priority and addressed through sleep, nutrition and exercise plan implemented during treatment.

JourneyPure Coaching™ for Continued Success After Treatment

The health and wellness plan implemented during treatment should be carried over through recovery. One way we make this easier is by providing every patient with a free digital care plan accessed through our proprietary JourneyPure Coaching™ app. Daily health and wellness as well as other recovery goals are easily tracked and monitored by a JourneyPure Recovery Coach. It’s full support, one year post-treatment at no extra charge.

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