Often associated with military veterans, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health condition triggered by a terrifying, traumatic event in a person’s life. An estimated 7.8 percent of Americans will experience PTSD at some point in their lives and around 5.2 million live with it now. Women are twice as likely as men to develop PTSD. It is one of the most emotionally debilitating mental disorders, causing severe anxiety, flashbacks and nightmares that

Some common causes of PTSD are:

  • Military combat
  • Violent assault
  • Natural disasters
  • Sexual assault
  • Childhood abuse

Of the 1.7 million veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, 300,000 or 20 percent suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression, according to RAND Center for Military Health Policy Research.

PTSD and Substance Abuse

Sixty-five percent of people suffering with PTSD, which is around 7.7 million Americans, also have a substance use disorder. The already difficult road for someone with PTSD travels is only amplified with drug and alcohol abuse. Suicidal thoughts unfortunately run rampant with PTSD and adding fuel to the fire with mind-altering substances is the worst thing one can do. JourneyPure Serenity Network specializes in trauma-informed care with services designed to help our patients work through the events that have driven them to drug or alcohol abuse. Our new Women’s Center offers specialized, trauma-focused care for women with a need for more intense treatment. Call today to get the help you need. We are here for you 24/7.

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