Residential Addiction Treatment in Knoxville

We offer residential treatment for drug and alcohol abuse in the heart of Knoxville, TN. Our employ evidence-based, gender-specific treatment plans. We are proud to serve the community with two residential options: a co-ed residential treatment program at our main facility and a women’s only program where our staff provides specializes services for trauma and high-risk pregnancies.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

At JourneyPure Serenity Network, our residential treatment program operates under a dual diagnosis model, meaning each patient is treated for their addiction and any co-occurring mental health issues they are facing. A team of medical and psychiatric professionals work together to create an individualized treatment plan that simultaneously addresses the addiction and mental health disorders. Because substance use and mental health disorders are so closely related, this treatment method creates a balance that research has shown supports long-term recovery. Our practices are evidence-based and grounded in scientific research.

Behavioral and Experiential Therapies

We utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), a psychotherapy that helps patients change the thinking behind destructive behaviors, eventually improving mood and function. CBT contrast is usually more focused on the present, and more problem-solving oriented. Therapists teach patients important skills they will carry throughout life, like modifying behaviors and beliefs, and relating to others. Patients will experience individual and group therapies in addition to psycho education classes to better understand their illness. Experiential therapies utilize hands-on group activities such as art and drama to dive deeper into the psychological issues behind the addiction.

More Than Just Addiction Treatment

A well-balanced, healthy lifestyle includes proper nutrition, a healthy dose of exercise and plenty of sleep. When a body has been exposed to extended drug use, each of these areas has most likely been neglected. When in active addiction, people lose sight of their own health because they are too consumed with getting their next fix. Once in residential treatment, our residents will adhere to a strict schedule that provides proper balance in each of these three pillars of health. Our goal is to restore our patients to good health, mind, body, and spirit.

Unmatched Aftercare Plan

Our staff is dedicated to keeping our patients healthy once leaving residential treatment, therefore we offer a one-year digital recovery plan and an assigned recovery coach – free of charge. During treatment, we instill the principles of total wellness, placing high value on proper sleep, nutrition and exercise. Success in recovery means continuing to adhere to these principles at home or during the next phase of treatment (if needed). We provide each patient a free app to utilize during recovery. JourneyPure Coaching™ allows our patients to keep track of daily recovery goals and they are held accountable by the recovery coach and recovery support team.

If you are ready for residential treatment that offers you the care you deserve and the support you need to live a substance-free life, contact us today.

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